Friday, November 28, 2008

Rescue Shots

One of the ways I volunteer my time with the local all breed rescue is photographing rescued dogs for them. Here are some of the dogs I snapped some shots of recently.

Above is Molly, below is Kenny.






3 Socks






Foster Pups

The pups in my previous post are growing rapidly and are now dispersed into 3 foster homes, one of which is ours. We are caring for 3 of the little monsters - teaching them the basics of good doggy behaviour, in preparation for their adoption to their forever homes.

One of the many lessons they are learning is how to pose for pictures - this is a work in progress. Here are some shots of the little stinkers so any image to see the larger size.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rescue Pups

Pictured above is Obi (meaning heart), one of the 9 pups born into HART's (Highland Animal Relief Team) care last month.

Obi's mom (Clarice) and 3 others were dumped over the fence at the local pound. Malnourished, filthy, and pregnant she was in very poor shape. She and her siblings were brought into the care of HART and placed into loving foster homes. They all received treatment for parasites, fleas, and were shaved down and cleaned up, given proper nutrition and all except Clarice have now been adopted into loving forever homes.

Clarice whelped 9 pups on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and will be staying with her foster mom a little while longer. The pups will be posted up for adoption soon, and avaialble in mid December once they are old enough to be placed into their forever homes.

HART's website can be viewed at Donations for the care of dogs such as Obi and her siblings can be made through that site. Pictured below are the 8 other pups from that any picture to see the larger size image.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Frosty Fall Morning

The arrival of fall and the cold weather means frost covered plants in the morning - perfect for heading out and snapping a few pictures.
Click the image to view the larger sized picture