Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Newf Rescue Calendars!

Finally, the 2009 Newf Friends Newf Rescue calendars are ready to go!

The calendars are the same style as we used last year for the Canadian Newf Rescue calendars - extra large 12 x 18, high quality, high gloss paper, metal spiral binding across the top and over 50 full colour images!

Most of you will recognize at least some of this year's gorgeous models who include Matilda, Marin, Darcy, Volare, Murphy, Mary, Neptune, Ozzy, Bower, Zoƫ, Caera, and of course, no Newf rescue calendar would be complete without everyone's favourite Basset hound, Floyd.

Calendars can be picked up in Bancroft, ON at West Wind or purchased Online

All proceeds go directly to Newf Friends in Ontario, Canada to assist Newfoundland Dogs and Newf mixes in need. Newf Friends is a foster based Newfoundland Dog Rescue group working in partnership with the wonderful team of volunteers at HART

Thanks for your support!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Days on the Farm

It was a gray and cool fall day - perfect for heading out and snapping some pictures at my friend's farm.
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Meet the gang - Bella the cow and her new calf, and Chloe in the background

Here's Bella - the friendliest cow I know.
Granted, I don't actually know many cows, but she is really very friendly. Bella comes when she's called, she loves to be petted and hugged and is generally just a big sweety.

Her new baby was a little shy when I arrived and was checking me out from a safe distance

She and Chloe have become fast friends, hanging out together in the fields

Everyone say awwwww

This is what it looks like when an enormous cow sees from across the field that you have a bag of apples for her. I've never seen a cow move so fast

Give me some apples!

And no visit to the farm is complete without saying hello to Duke the pig. He was being utterly stubborn and uncooperative and didn't make for a very good subject. He did however manage to stick his little pig snout right on my camera lens.
My strategy for next time is to go over before he has had his breakfast in the hopes of finding him a little more animated and eager to move around.....and to put a filter on my lens.

And finally, one very cool barn.

The New Arrival

Meet Bella's new calf. Isn't she beautiful?
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Meet Chloe. This silly little girl lives on a friend's farm and hangs out with Bella the cow and Bella's new baby. She makes me smile.
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